An Uncommon life is built upon 6 Uncommon Pillars:

When you practice ownership and discipline in these pillars you will begin to build your own Uncommon life! 


1 Radical Relationships

We commit to showing up best as husbands, fathers, and friends who demonstrate leadership & add value to others

2 Holistic Health

We invest time & energy into achieving optimal physical, mental, and emotional health

3 Worthwhile Work

We prioritize passion & productivity as we work hard to serve others & provide for our families

4 Stellar Stewardship

We strive to exercise effective management of our time, talents and treasures, & invest in God's eternal Kingdom

5 Victorious Vision

We start with the end in mind and pursue worthwhile goals by being clear on our core values & identity

6 Fervent Faith 

We love & follow Jesus Christ! Wherever you are on your faith journey, we encourage you to explore our community & learn what it means to follow Jesus

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