Live your Uncommon life

Live your Uncommon life 

What does Uncommon look like?  

We believe everyone has Uncommonness in them. But most of us get distracted by life's commitments (work, money, relationships, etc.) that we never stop to consider what makes us Uncommon - and what our Uncommon life could look like.  

Deep down, each of us desires to live a life of purpose, and to leave a legacy of impact. But the journey often feels unclear and lonely... 

You are Uncommon. 

Maybe you've never thought this, and maybe you don't believe it; but you are!

Be honest with yourself: you dream of more than working 'til your 60 & retiring. You want to work with passion, create an amazing marriage, have meaningful connections with your kids, enjoy authentic friendships - all while optimizing your health and creating victorious vision for your life... but how? 

 It's time to unlock and unleash your inner Uncommonness!



Thee Uncommon: a movement of men in the relentless pursuit of authenticity, accountability and adventure!

Thee Uncommon is designed to empower you to discover your unique gifts & passions so you can share them with the world and create an Uncommon life! 

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Thee Uncommon Pillars

What sets Thee Uncommon apart? 

While live events are inspiring, most participants are left wondering, "Now what?" after they go home & the excitement wears off. And virtual Masterminds can provide accountability & goal setting, but true relationships are forged when we're together. So we offer the best of both worlds: thrilling adventure retreats, as well as online community & coaching!

Uncommon Experiences 

Disrupt your routine, make lifelong friends, and have a ton of fun as you learn leadership tactics in amazing locations!
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Thee Fraternity 

Develop authentic friendships as you invest in yourself through crowd sourced wisdom & accountability 
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Gain Clarity & Victorious Vision on your Uncommon journey! 

 Enroll in our Develop Your Authentic Self course where you will: 

  1. Discover your core values

  2. Use affirmations & visualization to design your compelling future

  3. Design proven systems to achieve worthwhile goals

  4. Even write your own eulogy! 


Elevate Experience recap: MN Fire & Ice 

Thee Fraternity LIVE call: How to connect intentionally with our kids 

Radical Generosity w/Matt Joens 

An Uncommon life begins with a vision

Gain clarity on the legacy you will create with your life through this 10 minute creative visualization exercise

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