Thee Fraternity LIVE - how to intentionally connect with our kids

What does an Uncommon father look like? 

It's been said that kids spell "love" T-I-M-E. When it comes to parenting, we need to give our kids the value of quality time. It's not enough to just show up: we need to strive to be engaged and intentional fathers. There's too much at stake to settle for less. 

In this LIVE community call we discuss challenges and strategies around forging intentional connections with our kids.

We look at the intentional practice of noticing and naming the positive qualities our children embody. We look at the importance of affirming our kids without using labels (+ or -). We discuss ways to create an environment of psychology safety in our homes, so that our kids will feel comfortable sharing vulnerably & honestly with us even in their teen years. And we also reflect on the importance of showing ourselves patience and grace. We are going to make many, many mistakes as fathers, but it's whether we're willing to admit, apologize, and learn from our mistakes that may make a world of difference in forging lifelong, meaningful connections with our kids. 


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