Elevate Experience recap - Decorah Fly Fishing

 What can happen when you're willing to just show up? 

When you're willing to leave behind your routine and responsibilities for a time, show up and be open to whatever God has in store for you, Uncommon things can happen! 

In this episode, Phil & Ryan recount the events from their Elevate Experience in Decorah, IA. There, we and 5 other men spent time fly fishing in Iowa's beautiful Driftless region. We hiked picturesque bluffs. We enjoyed delicious meals and fantastic fellowship. We soaked in God's creation. Formed authentic friendships. And had time for a mental reset as we gained clarity around our values and vision for our lives as men. 

You'll hear about the work that goes into curating a highly personalized leadership adventure retreat, including the work we do with our "informants." You'll learn about how we not only design FUNcommon activities that challenge and thrill our participants, but also the intentional work we do around personal growth to ensure that the experience pays dividends well beyond our weekend together. 

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Our challenge to you is to take action - whether that means signing up for one of our Uncommon Experiences, or even creating your own. Whatever it looks like, take time to schedule adventure into your life! 

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