Live a life of adventure w/Matt Kinch

How do you define adventure

Is it traveling to far off exotic locations? 

Is it high octane - even dangerous - physical activity? 

Is it interacting with diverse peoples and cultures? 

Perhaps it's a combination of each - or something else entirely... 

Is adventure reserved solely for action movie stars, or real life explorers? 

Do you believe that adventure is for YOU? 

We believe that adventure is a crucial component of an Uncommon life! Adventure forces you out of your comfort zone, it reveals your inner grit and resilience, and can lead to personal growth, authentic relationships and lifelong memories! 

In this episode I discuss the importance of prioritizing adventure with my guest Matt Kinch, founder of Adventuredesk - which provides adventures and group retreats that foster community, wellness and connection through amazing travel experiences.

We discuss the many different ways that Adventuredesk helps people to infuse their lives with adventure, from bucket list style challenges, wellness retreats, and cultural immersion. 
Ultimately, sprinkling in some adventure in your own life can be as simple as visiting a nearby location you've never been to before, and trying a new experience. 

1 thing is for sure: the more you invite adventure into your life, the more you will want to live a life of adventure! 

If you would like to learn more about Matt and Adventuredesk, check out the following links: 


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