Planning our Uncommon 2024 using the BIG A## Calendar w/Victoria Garvey pt.1

How can you make 2024 the most Uncommon year of your life? 

That's exactly what we're trying to find out in this episode, as I sit down with my lovely wife Victoria to talk about the tool that will help us achieve this goal: the BIG A## Calendar! 

This calendar is exactly what it sounds like - it's a 4' x 3' calendar that includes all 365 days, allowing you to use sticky notes to plan your most important events/experiences and visualize your entire year! 

This part 1 episode is before we complete our calendar, and we discuss the followings:

  • our reflections and gratitude for 2023
  • our excitement for 2024
  • our current approach to planning important events (vacations, dates, personal growth, etc.)
  • our mindset & emotions as we prepare to plan an entire year!
  • our heart posture and prayers in submitting our plans to God's perfect will ...

and more! 

Whether you're a new year's resolution type, or a fly by the seat of your pants person, this calendar can be a crucial tool in your arsenal to empower you to create Victorious Vision to make 2024 the most Uncommon year yet! 

Purchase your own calendar - use promo code DOMINATE2024 to receive 20% off your purchase (exp. 1/31) 

Also, download our Plan Your Uncommon Year worksheet to plan your Misogi, mini adventures, and quarterly habits! 



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