6 Ways for You to Stop Consuming, and Start CREATING Your Uncommon Life

When was the last time you created something? 

When we're young, we create in order to learn about the world and express ourselves. But as we get older, we tend to lose our creative curiosity and artistic expression. Our time and mental bandwidth are consumed by our jobs and responsibilities, and although we are surrounded by content and art, we succumb to the habit of passive consumption - instead of pursuing active creation. 

In this episode I explore 6 benefits of choosing to create: 

  1. self-expression & personal growth 
  2. skill building & expertise
  3. fostering innovation & critical thinking
  4. contributing to culture & community 
  5. empowerment & agency
  6. emotional catharsis & well-being

In our information age that bombards us with content, it's crucial to recognize the invaluable benefits of our contribution to the creative tapestry. Doing so will transcend mere productivity; it will become our vehicle for self-discovery, skill development, innovation, authentic community, resourcefulness and emotional well-being. 

Choose what you will create, and determine why you want to create it, what personal growth you aspire to, and the impact you hope to leave on others.  



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