Leading with Positivity, Purpose, and Passion with Drew Harden

What does an amazing company culture look like? 

It is an environment where people are truly known, appreciated, and celebrated! There is palpable energy, excitement - even joy - all of which contribute to a thriving and productive team. There is camaraderie and genuine friendship, which enables co-workers to collaborate and believe the best in each other. There is an atmosphere of fun and surprise, as well as the occasional prank! People take their work seriously, while embodying a "we" over "me" mentality. It's a place where people love to come and work, and don't want to leave. 

If this sounds too good to be true, make no mistake: creating this kind of incredible culture isn't easy... but it is possible. It just requires an intentional vision, clear values, and the right kind of leadership. And on this episode I'm speaking with the perfect person for this topic! 


My guest is Drew Harden - CEO and Founder of Blue Compass - as well as an author, speaker, and consultant who is passionate about helping other companies create their own incredible work culture. 

In our conversation, Drew shares how he stepped out to pursue his dream of starting a company with an amazing culture. He talks about the importance of creating and reinforcing clear values. He also shares practical ways that leaders and employees alike can embody their company's values and cultivate amazing culture throughout every work day. 

We also discuss Drew's book Retain, in which he unpacks some of the best methods of creating an incredible company culture that no one wants to leave. We talk about the importance of surprises, personalization, fun experiences, and even some office pranks! 

But Drew is much more than a dynamic leader and boss: he's a husband, father, and friend; and he shares about how he's managed to invest in his relationships and personal well being. 

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