5 Ways to WIN the Winter

What is your relationship with winter - specifically with the cold?

If you live in a place that experiences winter in its fullest: cold, snow, darkness... it's easy to get bogged down with the "winter blues." 

We can default to a hunker down mentality in which we become recluse and inactive during these frosty months - which doesn't help us in any respects to create Uncommon lives. 

But what if we could reframe our relationship to the cold, and put the W-I-N in winter?! 

In this episode, I unpack 5 ways for us to WIN the winter: 

  1. Embrace the cold
  2. Avoid hunkering down by getting out of the house
  3. Turn off the screen & stimulate your brain
  4. Prioritize your health
  5. Get up early

While not an exhaustive list of activities, by implementing 1 or more of these disciplines, you can not just survive - but THRIVE - separate yourself from the common masses, and WIN the winter! Your future self will thank you! 


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