Spur Each Other On: Unpacking Hebrews 10:24, 25

What image comes to mind when you hear the word "spur"? 

Most likely, it's the pointy device on a rider's heel which allows them to communicate to their horse through subtle movements. There's a sense of urging and directing the horse to move and/or accelerate. 

The word "spur" is used in Hebrews 10:24-25 as the writer puts forth a call to persevere in the faith. As followers of Christ, we must daily acknowledge the difficulties we will face in our walk with Jesus. We must rest and rely on God's strength and wisdom - resisting the temptation of self-reliance - while also prioritizing community as the body of Christ. 

In this episode we unpack 6 reasons behind regular fellowship as believers: 

  1. Holding onto Hope
  2. Spurring each other on 
  3. The Power of togetherness 
  4. The impact of encouragement 
  5. The Modern Relevance (finding our identity in Christ) 
  6. Building resilient faith 

Wherever you find yourself on your spiritual journey, you owe it to yourself - and your brothers & sisters of the faith - consistently enter into fellowship where you can offer up your skills to benefit the whole of Christ's body, while also encouraging and spurring on fellow believers. This will bring God much glory!  


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