Leaning into the Unknown with Kevin Stittsworth

 What's your natural response to the unknown? 

What thoughts or emotions surface when you face uncertainty? 

fear? anxiety? helplessness? paralysis? excitement? 

Most of us want to to have a game plan for everything - and a backup plan for when our game plan falls through.

We want to see the finish line. 

We expect all the details. 

We want the full itinerary. 

Any surprises are met with resistance as they threaten our security by putting us in vulnerable positions. When we lack control we feel uneasy, uncomfortable. 

And maybe that's a good thing? 

In this episode, Phillip sits down with Kevin, one of the participants from our fly fishing retreat this past November. When we reached out to Kevin with the opportunity to join us for this trip, he knew we would be fishing (something he wasn't too keen about), but he didn't know much more than that. 

Like any other guy, he had several valid reasons to think it wasn't the best, most convenient time for him to invest his time and money to go away for a weekend retreat that presented a fair bit of uncertainty. 

He didn't know any of the other men that were coming. 

He didn't know what we'd be doing other than fishing. 

He didn't know what challenges - physical, mental, emotional - might arise, and how he'd respond. 

Would it be "worth it?" 

But Kevin leaned in. He took a chance on himself, and not only showed up, but was present  and  engaged. By intentionally offering his genuine curiosity, compassion, wisdom, and sense of humor, Kevin added a ton of value to the group. 

Listen as he tells about his experience, and shares about where he was in his season of life, and why this was the perfect time for him to invest in himself. 

Be encouraged to reflect on your own response to the unknown - whether good or bad - and consider how you might lean into uncertainty to discover invaluable growth and transformation! 


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